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Tired of playing against the computer in NHL 13? Looking for tougher opponents than your friends from school?

Louie is ready to take on your challenge.

Blues fans with a Playstation 3 can now find Louie with the gamertag: LouieSTLBlues.

How to challenge Louie:
  1. Follow @LouieSTLBlues on Twitter to be notified when Louie is accepting NHL 13 challenges.
  2. Reply to Louie's tweet with your PS3 gamertag and have NHL 13 online and ready to play.
  3. Louie will randomly select an opponent from the replies and send an invite using NHL 13's Play a Friend feature.
  4. The results of your game will be tweeted by Louie and posted here on stlouisblues.com.
  5. Good luck.
Please Note: By challenging Louie to a game, you are providing consent to the St. Louis Blues that your gamertag and game result be posted to stlouisblues.com and on Louie's Twitter account.

Recent Results

Louie 2, Sobo18 2 (OT)
Highlights: Louie battles back from two seperate one-goal deficits to force overtime, but network crash forces game to end in tie. Rematch to be played at a later date.

Louie 4, JC_Knox80 1
Highlights: Louie races out to a 3-0 lead before surrendering a goal in the third period. Louie's offensive firepower proves too much for the defense mounted by JC_Knox80, as Louie scores again late in the third to put the game out of reach.

Louie 4, Censored 3 (SO)
In a rematch of the first-round of last year’s Western Conference Playoffs, Louie’s Blues took on the Sharks. The Sharks attacked first, but then surrendered two goals to Louie in the second period. The third period saw the Sharks tie the game, but Louie buried a backhand beauty in the fifth round of the shootout to seal the win.