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2010-11 Group Seating Options
Want to keep it simple? No need for special seating areas or food packages? Get great group discounts at almost all price levels for most games throughout the season. Games for the 2010-11 season are divided into Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Value categories, and a breakdown of game dates is available below. Fans that choose to purchase Group Tickets (20 or more seats) can save big off the Single Game Tickets Gate Price and get message board recognition. Use the chart below to compare your savings vs. the gate price.

To reserve your Group Seating for the 2010-11 season, call 314.622.5454.

Want to Upgrade or Learn More?
Want to upgrade from regular seating? We have plenty of party rooms, suites and special offers to meet your needs.

Oct. 9 vs. PHI
Oct. 22 vs. CHI
Oct. 23 vs. PIT
Dec. 1 vs. WSH
Dec. 23 vs. DET
Dec. 28 vs. CHI
Feb. 21 vs. CHI
Mar. 12 vs. DET
Nov. 20 vs. NJ
Nov. 27 vs. DAL
Dec. 18 vs. SJ
Dec. 26 vs. NSH
Jan. 8 vs. NYR
Jan. 20 vs. DET
Mar. 10 vs. MTL
Apr. 9 vs. NSH
Oct. 30 vs. ATL
Nov. 19 vs. OTT
Dec. 11 vs. CAR
Dec. 31 vs. PHX
Jan. 2 vs. DAL
Jan. 22 vs. CBJ
Feb. 11 vs. MIN
Feb. 19 vs. ANA
Apr. 1 vs. CAL
Oct. 11 vs. ANA
Nov. 4 vs. SJ
Dec. 9 vs. CBJ
Dec. 20 vs. VAN
Feb. 4 vs. EDM
Feb. 14 vs. VAN
Mar. 29 vs. MIN
Apr. 5 vs. COL
Nov. 11 vs. NSH
Dec. 16 vs. LA
Jan. 10 vs. PHX
Jan. 18 vs. LA
Feb. 1 vs. COL
Mar. 1 vs. CAL
Mar. 7 vs. CBJ
Mar. 24 vs. EDM

Food and beverages are not included in any promotional or discount offers

Want to reserve your Group Seats today? 
Contact Group Sales by calling 314.622.5454.