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Bassen, Bob (L) May 6, 1965 Calgary, AB, CAN
Brind'Amour, Rod (C) Aug 9, 1970 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Brown, Jeff (D) Apr 30, 1966 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Bruce, David (R) Oct 7, 1964 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Butcher, Garth (D) Jan 8, 1963 Regina, SK, CAN
Cavallini, Gino (L) Nov 24, 1962 Toronto, ON, CAN
Cavallini, Paul (D) Oct 13, 1965 Toronto, ON, CAN
Chase, Kelly (R) Oct 25, 1967 Porcupine Plain, SK, CAN
Courtnall, Geoff (L) Aug 18, 1962 Duncan, BC, CAN
Dirk, Robert (D) Aug 20, 1966 Regina, SK, CAN
Emerson, Nelson (R) Aug 17, 1967 Hamilton, ON, CAN
Featherstone, Glen (D) Jul 8, 1968 Toronto, ON, CAN
Hull, Brett (R) Aug 9, 1964 Belleville, ON, CAN
Jablonski, Pat (G) Jun 20, 1967 Toledo, OH, USA
Joseph, Curtis (G) Apr 29, 1967 Keswick, ON, CAN
Kimble, Darin (R) Nov 22, 1968 Lucky Lake, SK, CAN
Lavoie, Dominic (D) Nov 21, 1967 St. Bruno, QC, CAN
Lowry, Dave (L) Feb 14, 1965 Sudbury, ON, CAN
MacLean, Paul (R) Mar 9, 1958 Grostenquin, FRA
Marois, Mario (D) Dec 15, 1957 Ancienne-Lorette, QC, CAN
Meagher, Richard (C) Nov 2, 1953 Belleville, ON, CAN
Momesso, Sergio (L) Sep 4, 1965 Montreal, QC, CAN
Mongeau, Michel (C) Feb 9, 1965 Montreal, QC, CAN
Oates, Adam (C) Aug 27, 1962 Weston, ON, CAN
Quinn, Dan (C) Jun 1, 1965 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Raglan, Herb (R) Aug 5, 1967 Peterborough, ON, CAN
Riendeau, Vincent (G) Apr 20, 1966 St. Hyacinthe, QC, CAN
Roberts, Gordon (D) Oct 2, 1957 Detroit, MI, USA
Ronning, Clifford (C) Oct 1, 1965 Burnaby, BC, CAN
Snepsts, Harold (D) Oct 24, 1954 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Stevens, Scott (D) Apr 1, 1964 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Sutter, Richard (R) Dec 2, 1963 Viking, AB, CAN
Thomlinson, Dave (L) Oct 22, 1966 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Tilley, Tom (D) Mar 28, 1965 Trenton, ON, CAN
Tuttle, Steve (R) Jan 5, 1966 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Wilson, Ronald (C) May 13, 1956 Toronto, ON, CAN
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