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Lafayette, Nathan (C) Feb 17, 1973 New Westminster, BC, CAN
Labatte, Neil (D) Apr 24, 1957 Toronto, ON, CAN
Laflamme, Christian (D) Nov 24, 1976 St. Charles, QC, CAN
Lafreniere, Roger (L) Jul 24, 1942 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lalime, Patrick (G) Jul 7, 1974 St. Bonaventure, QC, CAN
Lalor, Michael (D) Mar 8, 1963 Buffalo, NY, USA
Lamby, Richard (D) May 3, 1955 Auburn, MA, USA
Lampman, Mike (L) Apr 20, 1950 Lakewood, CA, USA
Langenbrunner, Jamie (R) Jul 24, 1975 Cloquet, MN, USA
Laperriere, Daniel (D) Mar 28, 1969 Laval, QC, CAN
Laperriere, Ian (R) Jan 19, 1974 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lapierre, Maxim (C) Mar 29, 1985 Saint-Léonard, QC, CAN
Lapointe, Guy (D) Mar 18, 1948 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lapointe, Richard (D) Aug 2, 1955 Victoria, BC, CAN
Larocque, Michel (G) Apr 6, 1952 Hull, QC, CAN
Larose, Claude (R) Mar 2, 1942 Hearst, ON, CAN
Laurence, Donald (C) Jun 27, 1957 Galt, ON, CAN
Lavallee, Kevin (L) Sep 16, 1961 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Lavender, Brian (L) Apr 20, 1947 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Lavoie, Dominic (D) Nov 21, 1967 St. Bruno, QC, CAN
Leach, Stephen (R) Jan 16, 1966 Cambridge, MA, USA
Leeman, Gary (R) Feb 19, 1964 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lefley, Charles (R) Jan 20, 1950 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Legace, Manny (G) Feb 4, 1973 Toronto, ON, CAN
Lehtera, Jori (C) STL Dec 23, 1987 Helsinki, FIN
Lemieux, Alain (C) May 24, 1961 Montreal, QC, CAN
Lemieux, Jocelyn (R) Nov 18, 1967 Mont Laurier, QC, CAN
Leopold, Jordan (D) Aug 3, 1980 Golden Valley, MN, USA
Levie, Craig (D) Aug 17, 1959 Calgary, AB, CAN
Lidster, Douglas (D) Oct 18, 1960 Kamloops, BC, CAN
Lindbohm, Petteri (D) STL Sep 23, 1993 Helsinki, FIN
Lindstrom, Joakim (C) Dec 5, 1983 Skellefteå, SWE
Liut, Michael (G) Jan 7, 1956 Weston, ON, CAN
Lorentz, Jim (C) May 1, 1947 Waterloo, ON, CAN
Low, Reed (R) Jun 21, 1976 Moose Jaw, SK, CAN
Lowry, Dave (L) Feb 14, 1965 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Lukowich, Bernie (R) Mar 18, 1952 North battleford, SK, CAN
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